Picking the Right Cremation for You

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When planning a funeral, either on your own or for another person, there are a lot of steps that you must take. Finding the venue is important, and figuring out funding is important, as is the guest list of who is invited. There are even more minor details that go into the planning of a funeral. This is all on top of the fact that you have just lost a loved one. It can be a stressful time. This is why many people have chosen the path of cremation to combat this stress. Cremation used to be seen as an option that wasn’t nearly as good as a traditional funeral, but that has changed over time. There is much more that has changed about the process. And one thing that people who do not know a lot about cremation are usually unaware of is the fact that there are multiple types of cremations for you to pick from. If you and your family are interested in learning more about cremation, you can speak with funeral homes in Van Buren, NY. They would love to hear from you.

What Is Cremation?

While cremation may seem like a straightforward process, there is plenty that goes into it. The cremation chambers that do the work of cremating bodies can only be operated by someone who is trained and licensed to use one. They can reach temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the process is complete, the ashes of your loved one will be returned to you.

What Types of Cremation Exist?funeral home in Van Buren, NY

  • Direct: This is the cheapest and quickest form of cremation. When a loved one dies, their body will be collected, and then it will be cremated. You will be returned their ashes shortly after. If you are looking for an option that won’t cost you much, this is the choice you should go with.
  • Memorial: There are plenty of families who are not interested in doing something to commemorate the death of their loved one right away. This is where a memorial cremation comes into play. With this type of cremation, a family can choose to wait if they would like to have some sort of event to honor the lie of their loved one.
  • Traditional: This form of cremation is the most like a traditional funeral. There is often a wake, the funeral itself, and then when everything is finished, the body of the deceased will be taken to be cremated. This type of cremation allows for the family to see the deceased, and to have a little more time with them. This is another great option. It is often the most expensive because of what it includes.

What Can You Do With the Ashes?

  • Urns – For most families who will choose cremation, an urn is something you will need to think about. Urns hold the ashes of your deceased loved one. They can come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and you can add whatever you would like to them.
  • Ash Spreading – With ash spreading, you and your family can decide to take the ashes of your loved one and spread them somewhere that was special to them. Before doing so, you need to make sure that you have permission to spread their ashes where you would like to.

If you would like to hear more about cremation and all the available options, you can speak with funeral homes in Van Buren, NY.

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