How to Tell If Cremation Ashes Are Yours

Posted on May 23, 2022 by Bagozzi Twins Funeral Home under blog, cremations
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In the last couple of years, cremation service has gained considerable popularity worldwide. In Van Buren, for instance, people have often preferred it for its low cost, fast and eco-friendly characteristics. Today, it is not uncommon to see banners displaying cremation services in Van Buren, NY in some strategic places.

While this is considered a step forward, there are still some questions that need answers. One important one is whether, after the cremation, the ashes received belong to one’s loved ones. Of course, ashes look the same, so you may probably get confused at first. But in the long run, there are ways to confirm this.

How To Tell If the Ashes from Cremation Are That of Your Loved Ones

One quick assumption to make is that you will get the right ashes back if you deal with a good and transparent funeral home. Nevertheless, many of the funeral homes around are also very thorough with cremation. The process they follow makes it difficult to mix up the ashes of the bodies they cremate.

Below are some of the strict processes they follow

Use of Tags: Funeral homes strictly adopt tags to identify each body. This is done from the body’s point of the carriage until it enters the crematorium. If the location of the body is to be changed, the tags are checked before and after the movement. Some funeral homes also use ankle bracelets to make this identification.

These tags or ankle bracelets usually contain the details of the deceased. For instance, the name, date of birth, and death. All these are to ensure that there is no mix-up in any way.

Use of Identification disk: When the body is ready for cremation, the tags are changed, and an identification disk is used. This is because those tags and bracelets will be burnt if not removed. But the identification disk, which is often steel or stainless, cannot. These disks contain a unique number for each deceased.cremation services in Van Buren, NY

The numbers on this disk are registered against the information of the deceased being cremated. Since the disk will not melt, they survive the process and are checked again to confirm the ashes of the cremation.

If you want to confirm, funeral homes might allow you to go through the ashes to get the metal disks and check the number. This process seems to be the only way you can confirm that the ashes given to you are your loved ones’. But be rest assured that funeral homes have a very strict policy on identifying the body.

Another thing to be clear on is that a typical cremation chamber will only contain one body at a time. So, there is no possibility of one’s ashes mixing up with that of another.


Cremation services in Van Buren, NY are fast gaining ground. And you might want to try it out one day. Be sure that a standard funeral home is handling the cremation when you do. This will assure you that it will follow the right protocol, and you will get the right ashes.