Why You Might Choose Burial Instead of Cremation

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While cremations have increased in popularity at funeral homes in Syracuse, NY, there may be some strong reasons why you would choose to have a burial for yourself or a loved one instead.

More than half the American population is now opting to be cremated when they die. The reasons for this reflect the nature of our lives in the 21st century. We are more mobile, which means that it’s highly unlikely that we will stay in the town or city – or even the state – where we grew up. However, when you are cremated, your cremation remains can be easily transported back to a family cemetery to be buried or to a family homeplace to be scattered.

Cremation is also popular because a portion of your cremation remains can be sealed in an urn and kept with your loved ones at home, while another portion can be used to make cremation jewelry, and still another portion can be scattered or used to mix with soil to create a living memorial to you.

This flexibility that cremation offers is appealing to many Americans. However, some people opt for burial instead of cremation. Here are some reasons why you might decide to be buried instead of cremated.

When you choose to be buried instead of cremated, the funeral process moves a little more slowly and closure is more concrete. Many people who are cremated choose direct cremation. This means that you are cremated within 24-48 hours after you die, and a service of some type can be held later.

With the speed of direct cremations, you may feel that’s not enough time to fully process and work through death. You may also feel like closure will be put off indefinitely, especially if a service or ceremony isn’t held until several weeks or months after you die.

With a burial, there’s a more structured funeral process that allows your family to work from your death to the actual burial, with various types of services in between, so that they have more of a sense of closure when the final prayer is said at your graveside service.

Burial may be something you choose because you want an established final resting place. Because so many things can be done with cremation remains, and many families don’t immediately think of an urn burial or creating a living memorial with cremation remains, in most cases, cremation remains don’t get a solitary final resting place where family members and friends can come to pay their respects and spend time for as long as they live.

Having a burial site in a graveyard or cemetery gives you and your family and friends a place to rest and to visit.

You may choose to be buried instead of being cremated because your family has its own cemetery or because you already have your own plot or a family plot in a graveyard or cemetery. Many churches with graveyards give their members free plots as long as they’re available. They often will give family members free plots as well, even if they don’t attend that church.

funeral homes in Syracuse, NY

You may want to be buried with your relatives who have already died close by. In a sense, burial can be a way of going home one last time or at last, especially if you left when you were younger to pursue education, career opportunities, or relationships.

For more information about burials at funeral homes in Syracuse, NY, our compassionate and experienced team at Bagozzi Twins Funeral Home, Inc. is here to help you.

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