What You’ll Never Hear From a Funeral Director

Posted on January 4, 2021 by Bagozzi Twins Funeral Home under blog, funeral home
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Funeral directors help with funeral planning at funeral homes in Van Buren, NY. They have years of knowledge and experience, and you’ll find their wisdom and guidance comforting as you preplan your own funeral or you plan the funeral of a loved one.

But there are some things you will never hear from a funeral director because they are committed to being accurate and to build a relationship of trust with everyone who walks through the doors of their funeral home.

One thing that you’ll never hear from a funeral director is that a funeral service can only be held in a religious sanctuary. The reality is that a funeral service can be held just about anywhere. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, funeral services can be held outdoors or even in parking lots where attendees sit in their cars during the service.

Although some people do choose to hold their loved one’s funeral service in a religious sanctuary, it is not the only place where the service can be held. Often times, it is more convenient (when COVID-19 restrictions aren’t in effect) to hold a funeral service at the funeral home itself, because it’s an easy location to find and everyone who will be going to the cemetery in the funeral procession is already there.

Another thing that you’ll never hear from a funeral director is that someone who practices Christianity can’t be cremated. One reason why you won’t hear this is that funeral directors don’t mix their business and the theological beliefs of the families they serve.

Another reason you won’t hear this is that the decision to be cremated is a choice that you make. Cremations are, in general, accepted now in most Christian denominations as an acceptable final disposition. But even if your particular denomination frowns on cremations, you are still entitled to make the final disposition decision that works best for your circumstances.

A funeral director will never tell you that any of your funeral wishes for yourself or your loved one are silly or ridiculous. A funeral director’s job is to make sure that you and your family are supported completely during the funeral process.

Part of that support is to make sure that any special funeral wishes you have for your own funeral planning or your funeral planning for a loved one are accommodated.

You may want to have a themed funeral service that reflects an interest or a passion. You may want special memorial tables set up that highlight your personality or your loved one’s personality. You may want a few special songs included in the funeral service that might not be the typical funeral song selections.

A funeral director will make sure that everything you want is included and they will show respect for your wishes for yourself or for your loved one.

A final thing that you will never hear a funeral director say is anything that dismisses the grief and sense of loss you are feeling when you’re making funeral arrangements for a loved one. They will never speak dismissively about your tears or about the emotions you are experiencing as you process the loss of someone you love.

funeral homes in Van Buren, NY

Instead, they will hand you tissues and offer words that are encouraging, consoling, reassuring, and understanding. They will show empathy and compassion to you all along the way.

For information about planning funerals at funeral homes in Van Buren, NY, our compassionate and experienced team at Bagozzi Twins Funeral Home, Inc. is here to help you.

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