What to Know About Death Doulas

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For many people, death, and the process of dying, can be a very uncomfortable thing to think about. People really may not know how to express themselves when the death of a loved one has happened or is soon to occur. Fortunately, some people are comfortable with everything having to do with the death process, and they can help you in your time of need. These people are known as death doulas. They have been around for some time, and they are becoming much more common. If you and your family are considering the services of a death doula, funeral homes in Geddes, NY can help you with any questions you may have.

What Is a Death Doula?

A death doula is a person who comes to the aid of a family who is dealing with a loved one who is ill and soon to pass away. These death doulas aren’t necessarily medical professionals that help with medicine, feeding, and wounds, but they help with the more emotional side. They are there as a friend to the family and a friend to the ill. They will help to keep the situation as peaceful and as calm as they possibly can. That is what they are there to do.

Are Death Doulas Certified?

There isn’t a federal certificate for death doulas. A lot of death doulas, and probably the death doula you decide to hire, will have gotten training at private organizations. These organizations train death doulas to be ready to deal with anything that they may face. Many people who decide to be death doula feel that the job is less of a job, and more of a calling. It’s something that they believe is there a purpose to do.

Benefits of Hiring a Death Doula?

  • Guidance – Death can bring about some ugly feelings. No one is truly ever prepared for what to do when they are witnessing their loved one ill and in a bad state. But with the help and guidance from a death doula, some of the fears and uncertainty of it all can be taken away. They can help you to see the situation in a different light. This is what they are best at.
  • Reassurance – During the dark times of taking care of a loved one who is not going to fully recover, you can be unsure of what to think or say. Death doulas help to remind you that you are not alone in the journey you are currently on. They are there to help you clean for the ill, cook, and even as a person you can talk to. What you can’t do, they will help with.
  • Calming Atmosphere – The sense of calm that enters a house once a death doula starts working with a family cannot be underestimated. They don’t have the power to reverse what is happening, but they can create an atmosphere that will allow you to better accept what is going on. This is paramount to families trying to heal properly.

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Death doulas are not new. They have been around for ages, but they are seeing reassurance as people look for alternative ways to care for and deal with the passing of their loved ones. If you and your family are interested in the services of a death doula, funeral homes in Geddes, NY have information that may help you.