What is Embalming?

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One of the basic services that is offered as part of funerals at funeral homes in Camillus, NY is embalming. However, embalming is done behind the scenes as part of the funeral process, so it is a mystery to most people. But embalming serves a very necessary purpose when you’re going to have a viewing for a loved one, or when the funeral is several days after your loved one dies, because it will take time for all family members to get to the funeral.

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Embalming is a procedure that retards the natural decomposition of the body, which enables the body to be preserved for longer period of time, such as that needed for a viewing or a delayed funeral.

The process of embalming is quite intricate. Before the embalming process begins, the body is cleaned with a disinfectant solution. If any shaving needs to be done, it happens before the embalming process takes place. The arms and legs are massaged to loosen up stiffened muscles and joints, so the body can be posed for viewing. At this time, the features of the face are also set so that it looks as if the deceased is asleep. Finally, massage cream is applied to the face and hands so that they remain soft and supple.

When the surgical part of the embalming process starts, the blood is removed from the body and replaced by a preservation solution – usually formaldehyde mixed with water.

After the surgical part of embalming is done, the nails are manicured, skin-toned color makeup is applied to the face and hands, and hair is styled before the deceased is dressed and placed into the casket.

Embalming is done for two reasons. One is to make the deceased person look as life-like as possible and the second is to slow down the body’s decay so that relatives and friends can view the deceased person before burial.

As part of the embalming process, prosthetics are placed in the face to shape the jawline to a natural position. The eyes are closed and the lips are stabilized to also give a more life-like appearance. The hands are either folded across each other on the body, or they are laid out flat on either side of the body.

Embalming has several benefits. One is that the body is sanitized. A second benefit is that it enables the deceased to be viewed in a state that resembles their appearance when they were alive. A third benefit is that the body can be preserved when a funeral can’t be or won’t be held within a few days of death.

The state of New York, like most U.S. states, does not make embalming mandatory. A deceased person’s body will hold up adequately in proper refrigeration until burial, but they will look exactly as they did when they died. So, while New York lets you decide whether to embalm or not, if you are planning on not having a viewing for your loved one, you can forego embalming (unless the funeral is delayed). However, if you are planning on having a viewing for your loved one, embalming should be done.

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