What Are the Types of Cremation?

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There is a misconception that if a person selects cremation as their final disposition for their deceased loved one, then they forfeit the right to choose whether or not a memorial ceremony will be held prior to or after the cremation. It is essential to point out that this idea is incorrect and that if you so wish, you can incorporate a service into the cremation of your departed loved one who was cremated. The process of grieving and coming to terms with the death of a loved one sometimes includes taking essential steps forward, such as making arrangements for a particular memorial ceremony. The funeral ceremony provides the chance for the deceased person’s family, friends, and community members to come together and pay tribute to their memory and commemorate the life of the individual who has passed away. You can get in touch with cremation services in Skaneateles, NY to ask any further questions regarding how the service is carried out with cremation.

There are three choices available to you if you would like the cremation of your deceased loved one to be accompanied by a funeral or memorial service:

Traditional Funeral Service With Cremation

The viewing and funeral service takes place a few days after the death, as is customary with a conventional funeral. After the funeral, rather than burying the body in a casket, the body will be cremated.

You can buy a casket made especially for cremation or rent one since both options are used. The casket can be opened or closed during visitation, and the service can take place at a church, funeral home, or any other location that holds significance for the deceased or their family.

The cremated remains might be buried, scattered, or returned to the family following the viewing, service, or ceremony.

Memorial Service

Similar to a funeral, but without the corpse of the deceased being present, is a memorial ceremony. In most situations, the cremation will occur within a day or two of the death, while the memorial service may take place much later, sometimes weeks or months later.

A funeral ceremony can be held in a cemetery, a church, or a special location such as a park, and an urn with the ashes can be present if desired.

After the funeral service, the urn containing the remains may be returned to the family for safekeeping, interred in a cemetery, placed in a cremation niche, or the ashes may be scattered in a significant location.

Direct Cremation

Simple cremation, often known as direct cremation, is the most basic funeral option. Without a wake, funeral, or memorial service, the body is cremated, and the ashes are returned to the family.cremation services in Skaneateles, NY

It is important to note that the service accompanying the cremation is specifically to honor the deceased’s life, and it can be personalized as much as you want. Cremation is cost-effective; thus, the money that would have been otherwise used on a traditional funeral can be used in the service that would follow the cremation. The whole family must be on the same page in terms of a cremation service. This is because not all family members would like a memorial service to hold.

If you need assistance with any of the services, you can contact cremation services in Skaneateles, NY.

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