Reasons for Funerals

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Simply using the word “funeral” conjures up an image in your mind of what a funeral looks like in microseconds. Funeral homes in Geddes, NY might come to your mind for funerals. This mental image is formed by various factors, including our geographic location, culture, society; faith; and life experiences.

A burial in China would differ significantly from one in America; there are also considerable disparities between funerals held in ethnically or geographically diverse regions of North America. Despite their variations, these funeral rites share a lot of similarities.

What is the Meaning of a Funeral?

A funeral is a well-organized ceremony from start to finish, regardless of where it is placed. Each is designed to involve living participants in activities that will improve their social standing, offer mourners a shared grief experience, and commemorate a life lived. It’s a socially acceptable manner for community members to express and renew their social bonds.

A funeral, according to anthropologists, is a rite of passage that affects everyone participating, even the departed. Their social status shifts radically, from productive community members to someone whose contributions are only remembered in the past. However, the position of each survivor, particularly the immediate family, has changed. In reality, the funeral ceremony can be the commencement of a defined mourning period for grieving family members, marking this change distinctively.

The following are examples of traditional funeral services:

  • Visitation: This is often referred to as viewing or awake. Attendees pay their respects to the departed by examining the deceased’s coffin and spending time with their family members. Before the funeral service, anybody may attend a visitation at their leisure.
  • Funeral Service: This service takes place at the graveyard or in a church in most cases. Music, reading literary or religious excerpts, eulogy, prayer, and hymn singing can all be part of the service.

Suppose the family wishes to bury the deceased. In that case, this stage includes the vehicle parade to the cemetery, the committal service, and the putting of the casket in the vault for burial.

What is the Purpose of a Funeral?

No matter where or when a funeral occurs, the focus of a funeral might be acknowledging change. Undoubtedly, humans (as individuals and as a community) struggle to cope with significant changes, such as losing a vital group member. When you consider this, it’s simpler to appreciate the significance of ceremonially acknowledging the social fabric’s rip and the symbolic repair of its integrity.

Funeral homes in Geddes, NY

Funeral Services Types

A funeral ceremony can mean various things to families and individuals in this region (and across the country). Some people prefer what is known as a “conventional funeral,” while others find that same traditional rite emotionally unfulfilling. Thanks to several unique social influences, other funeral services are available.

Today, the traditional funeral, a memorial ceremony, and the increasingly popular celebration of life are all examples of end-of-life commemoration events. Reach out to us at funeral homes in Geddes, NY if you need help planning the final disposition method of your loved one.