Military Veteran Funerals: Folding the Flag

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You can have a funeral with military honors at funeral homes in Skaneateles, NY if your loved one served in the United States armed forces. Military honors are a special tribute provided by either a local military reserve unit or a veterans’ group that pays tribute to your loved one’s service to America.

Military honors include a prayer, a rifle salute, “Taps,” and the folding and presenting – to a family member – of the American flag.

The folding of the American flag has great symbolism that you may not know about, but which will make it even more meaningful.

Two members of the military reserve unit or the veteran’s group will fold the United States flag into a triangle. There are thirteen folds in all and each fold has great meaning.

The flag-folding ceremony pays homage to the religious principles that the Founding Fathers had in mind when they declared independence from England (through the Declaration of Independence) and wrote the Constitution of the United States.

The American flag consists of the blue portion (with 50 stars) and the red and white portion, which is striped. For veterans, the blue portion of the flag honors veterans from all 50 states who served in the United States armed forces.

In funerals with military honors, the American flag is draped over the casket of your loved one’s casket. It is removed from the casket when the flag-folding ceremony begins.

The United States flag, when used in a funeral with military honors, has 13 folds. Each of these folds has symbolism and meaning:

  1. The first fold of the American flag symbolizes physical life.
  2. A belief in a life in the hereafter is symbolized by the second fold in the flag.
  3. Honor of your loved one’s military service and the recognition of their departure from the ranks of living veterans is symbolized by the third fold in the American flag.
  4. The fourth fold of the flag of the United States symbolizes human weakness, which in turn creates a trust in God for His guidance in both times of war and times of peace.
  5. The fifth fold of the flag pays tribute to our nation.
  6. Where our hearts are is symbolized by the sixth fold of the American flag. We cover our hearts during the Pledge of Allegiance and when our national anthem is played to show our commitment to our country.
  7. The seventh fold of the flag pays tribute to all the veterans of our nation’s military. The military protects and defends the United States from all its enemies.
  8. Recognition of your loved one’s death (and absence from this life) is symbolized by the eighth fold of the flag of the United States.
  9. The nineth fold of the flag pays tribute to the mothers who have instilled virtue, loyalty, honor, and character in the men and women who have served in America’s armed forces.
  10. Fathers of veterans are honored by the 10th fold of the American flag, as a symbol of being willing to sacrifice their children (if need be) for the greater good of the country.
  11. The 11th fold of the flag is intended to give glory to God for His benevolence.
  12. Eternity and exaltation of God are symbolized by the 12th fold of the American flag.
  13. The final, and 13th, fold of the flag, when the blue background with stars are facing up, pays tribute to the motto of the United States: “In God We Trust.”

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