Is a Direct Cremation Right for Me?

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When it comes to burial methods for our loved ones, there are plenty of options available. Many people will opt for the tried and trusted, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But for people who are interested in something a little different, there are options for them as well. While it is known and popular, many people still look at cremation with a lot of skepticism. But this type of burial is just as good as any other. And one of the important things to know about cremation for those who are skeptical is that there is more than just one type of cremation available. You and your family should discuss the various types and pick the option you feel best meets your needs. If you and your family need more help, you can speak with cremation services in Van Buren, NY. They would love to assist you with anything that you need.

What Is Cremation? What Is a Direct Cremation?

A cremation is an act of placing a body in a cremation chamber until it has been turned into ash. There are good options for you to choose from when picking a type of cremation for your loved one. One of those types is direct cremation. Of the available cremation options, direct cremation is picked often due to its cost and quickness.

What Are the Benefits of a Direct Cremation?

  • Quickness – After a loved one has passed away; you can have their body removed and then cremated. After they have been cremated, the ashes will be returned to you. With direct cremation, this process can be very quick. With other types of cremation, then may take longer than you would want. But a direct cremation is all about being quick and efficient. Because it lacks the steps included in other types of cremation, you do not have to worry about planning an entire event.
  • Cost – As stated above, the lack of planning and the lack of extras added into direct cremation keep its price low. This is very important and attractive to the people who choose to pick a direct cremation as their option. You and your family can save money by choosing this option. And even though it costs less, it should not be looked at as an option that isn’t as good as others.
  • Control – You and your family will be firmly in control of everything that happens. This process will go exactly how you want. Many people love this aspect of direct cremation.

What Can You Do With the Ashes?cremation services in Van Buren, NY

Once the ashes of your loved one have been returned to you, you and our family can do what you see fit with the ashes. For many families, an urn is the first thing they will turn to. There are many urns available, and with time, urns have become much more reliable. You will not struggle to find an urn that meets your needs.

If you are sure that you and your family want to cremate your loved one, then you can speak with cremation services in Van Buren, NY. They would love to help you with anything you need.

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