How To Plan a Memorial Service

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A memorial service is a social gathering attended by a dead person’s relatives. Families come to mourn the dead and share memories (or experiences) they had with the deceased before their death. Each tradition has its way of honoring the dead. You can incorporate some of these traditions while planning a memorial service. Funeral homes in Skaneateles, NY will plan a great memorial service for you if you need some assistance with the event.

Things To Do in a Memorial Service

Families should feel close to their departed member and be able to soothe each other’s grief in a memorial service. The activities you select for the event should center on that. Here is a list you can pick from;

Write a Speech. Deliver a speech that expresses your love for your dead relative. You can also read a biography and share dear memories about the departed. There should be more than one speaker at the event.

Play Some Music. Your selection has to fit the occasion.

Interests of the Dead. Exhibit some art or items that were part of the dead’s interests. Display their favorite paint, play their favorite music, read a poem, or display their precious jewelry. You can make a rendition of their favorite song.

Display some flowers in the auditorium for beautiful scenery and fragrance. The flowers should follow the theme of your decoration.

Hire a religious leader to give some spiritual motivation to grieving visitors. Families tend to share the same religious beliefs, which will benefit the attendees.

Take photos and videos of the event. You can stream the event for friends and family who could not attend the event.

Preparing for a Memorial Service

● The Deceased’s Will. The service should go according to the deceased’s will if they made any preparations (or announcements) on the service.

Auditorium. Funeral homes have halls that You can rent for this event. Search for a substitute if the funeral home doesn’t have one. The location has to be easily accessible.

Decoration. Design the hall (or prepare a means to) before the service. The decorations should have a theme. A funeral director will have a list of ideas you can borrow.

Officiators. Prepare a list of speakers and a minister who will speak at the service. You can also prepare a speech to deliver.

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Catering. Prepare some food or refreshments for the visitors. It does not have to be much or expensive. You may choose to prepare your loved one’s favorite meal.

Donations. There should be an opportunity for visitors to donate some money to help you with the costs of the whole process.

Transportation. Prepare a means of transportation for the body to the venue.

Music. There should be some (solemn) music playing during the service. Make a list of music your dead relative enjoyed.

A memorial service should hold on a date and at a location that will be convenient for all who will be attending. Do you need some assistance with a memorial service? Reach out to funeral homes in Skaneateles, NY.

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