How Long Can a Dead Body Be Kept at a Funeral Home?

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Many things happen at the same time when you lose a loved one. They happen so fast that you might not be able to keep track. Sometimes, you feel the urge to postpone all activities until you figure out the best way to tackle them. Since funerals involve the human body, you might want to know how long it can be kept with funeral homes in Van Buren, NY. This will also help you figure out how long you can postpone your funeral service.

How Long Can You Keep a Dead Body at a Funeral Home?

On average, most funeral homes agree for you to keep a dead body with them between 3 and 7 days. Within this period, there are a lot of activities to be planned if you want to go ahead with the funeral.

However, this does not mean there is nothing to be done after seven days of the body with the funeral home. What happens next depends on the arrangement you make with the funeral home. For instance, will you be willing for the body to be refrigerated? This question is part of what you need to answer before contacting a funeral home.

What Are the Options Available for Preserving a Body If I Delay It at a Funeral Home?

You have read above that the period of keeping a dead body might be elongated beyond seven days. You may want to know what the options are that allow this. Here you have them:funeral homes in Van Buren, NY

  • Refrigeration: A body can be refrigerated for the sole purpose of preserving it. This process involves storing the body at a certain temperature to slow down the rapidity of its decay. Most funeral homes offer to do this for a short time. Sometimes, for about 14 days. However, you can ask that the body be frozen till you are ready to get it. For this, the temperature is often between 36 and 39 degrees Fahrenheit. This, however, will cost some money.
  • Dry Ice: This is used often when you can’t get easy access to a refrigerator. Dry ice will also perform its magic, but for a shorter period. The problem with this is that dry ice is difficult to find and also expensive.
  • Embalming: Embalming is one of the most popular ways of preserving a dead body, and this can be done for a long period. It works because the fluid in the body is extracted, and other chemical substances are introduced. This chemical slows down the process of decay and gives it a life-like appearance.
  • Eco-balming: Eco-balming is one way to preserve a dead body, and it is gradually gaining popularity. It is usually used with refrigeration. For this is work, funeral homes use plant-based oil for preservation. Unlike the chemicals of embalming, this plant-based oil is free from toxicity to the environment and the funeral staff.


Whatever reason you might have for wanting to delay the dead body, know that funeral homes in Van Buren, NY are numerous and can help you out. All you have to do is properly decide on the method you want to adopt and inform the funeral home.