Four Important Documents Everyone Should Have

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cremation services offered in Solvay, NYBefore cremations as part of the cremation services offered in Solvay, NY, there are four documents pertaining to the end of life that everybody should have in place. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are. There is no guarantee of life beyond this moment for any of us. Having these documents completed will ensure that the end of life, whenever it comes, goes according to your wishes.

One end-of-life document that everyone should have is a durable power of attorney. A durable power of attorney goes into effect if you are incapacitated and unable to manage your own affairs. It gives the person you name – who should be someone you trust – the ability to manage your finances if you don’t have the ability to manage them yourself. While this covers end-of-life conditions, it also covers surgeries where you may be unconscious for several hours.

This form is included in legal software packages that create wills, living wills, and other end of life documents, or you can use online legal sites or an attorney to create one. It is valid as long as it is signed and dated, but it’s always a good idea to have it notarized as well. Your bank may offer this service at no charge.

Let the person who will be your durable power of attorney know your plans and make sure they know where to find the durable power of attorney in the event they need it. A durable power of attorney ends at death, and the executor of the will or the trustee in the revocable living trust receives the power to manage all of the estate, including finances.

Another end-of-life document that everyone should have is a medical power of attorney. A medical power of attorney gives the person that you authorize the ability to make medical decisions for you if you are not able to do so yourself. This could include medical conditions like strokes and dementia.

Be sure the person you want to make medical decisions knows they are your medical proxy. Be sure that they have all your health information, including medications and dosages, current health conditions, past health conditions, and past surgeries. All of this information is required for hospitalizations and for doctor’s appointments.

Give them a copy of the medical power of attorney and keep a copy with your other important papers.

Along with a medical power of attorney, you should give your medical proxy permission to have your medical records shared with them. You can do this by having your doctor complete a medical release form. Give a copy to your medical proxy and keep a copy with your important papers.

The reason for this is that HIPPA requirements protect your information from being shared with anyone whom you don’t want it shared with – and the general public. While this is a good policy, it can make things very difficult for your medical proxy when they are trying to make medical decisions for you.

The fourth end-of-life document everyone should have is a living will. A living will lets you decide what kind of care you want if you are in a life-threatening situation. Make sure your medical proxy has a copy and store a copy with your important papers.

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