Death and Social Media Accounts

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After cremations that are part of the cremation services offered in Skaneateles, NY, we know that we have to take care of our loved ones’ legal and financial affairs to wrap up their lives. You may think that once you have taken care of these things that there is nothing else you need to do.


However, your loved one most likely had internet accounts for email and social media. These include accounts through internet services like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to name a few.


Hopefully, your loved one left a digital will with all their information for these accounts so that you can easily access them, but what will you do with these accounts? We’ll look at a few of the most popular internet services to give you some ideas.


It’s very important that you check your loved one’s email account. If your loved one’s email account was set up through an internet service provider (ISP) like Spectrum or Charter, once you turn off their service with the ISP, you will lose access to the email account.


If your loved one used a mail client like Outlook or Windows Mail to receive these email accounts, you can back their data up and import it as a new mailbox in your own Outlook or Windows Mail client, if you want to keep a copy of their emails.


Any new emails sent to the ISP email account will bounce back to the sender once you discontinue service. You cannot set these emails to forward to your own email account, because your loved one’s account will be deleted when internet service is discontinued.


However, if you want to keep up with your loved one’s Gmail account, you can either log into their Gmail account on a regular basis or you can forward the email to one of your email accounts.


Google will not delete a Gmail account because of inactivity, so this is something you ought to consider doing for a few months after your loved one’s death to see if there’s any important information being sent there or something else in their digital accounts that you overlooked deleting.


Social media accounts work in different ways.


Facebook, for example, gives you two options for your loved one’s account. You can either turn their Facebook account into a memorial page or you can actually delete the account.


To delete your loved one’s Facebook account, you will need to send a request to Facebook and provide a death certificate and your relationship to your loved one. Facebook will not delete the account for three months, but after 90 days, if all your documentation is in order, they will delete your loved one’s account.


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When you choose to memorialize your loved one’s Facebook account, the account stays active and provides a place for friends and family members to post comments and pictures in perpetuity.


If your loved one had a Twitter account, you can request that their account be deactivated by submitting a request online and prove that you are an immediate family member or the executor of your loved one’s estate. Once Twitter receives the request, they will respond by email to tell you what steps need to be taken to delete your loved one’s account.


Instagram works in a manner similar to Facebook, with options to delete your loved one’s account or turn their account into a memorial account. The steps for proving your loved one’s death and your authority to request changes to their account are similar to those of Facebook.

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