Cremation Service Options To Consider

Posted on April 26, 2021 by Bagozzi Twins Funeral Home under blog, cremations
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cremation services in Geddes, NYMost people have something specific in mind when they think about cremation services in Geddes, NY, and while the cremation process is the same every time it happens, there are things around the services that can happen that vary quite a bit. If you are thinking of what you want done in the future for your services, or if you have to plan for a loved one, it is good to know what the options around cremation really are so you can make the best decisions.

Full Cremation

Full cremation is more on the rare side, but it serves a good purpose for the right families. With full cremation, the person who has died has a full funeral and visitation beforehand and then, is cremated. After cremation, the family can do what they want with the remains including scattering, burial, or anything else. This type of cremation requires that final services take place quickly after death so the cremation can proceed. It’s a nice way for families to get closure and to say a final goodbye.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is the more popular option because it is simple, cost-efficient, and allows people the most possible options. Instead of having any services, the person who has passed on goes directly into cremation soon after their death, once the paperwork is prepared. Once the cremation process is complete, the family of the deceased can do whatever they’d like to honor that person. Some have memorial services that feel like funerals while others host celebrations of life to remember the good times. There are also families that skip those things and just have an ash scattering. There’s no need to do anything at all, if you don’t want, as the person who died has had their needs cared for. And direct cremation removes all timelines from the matter, as well. If the family wants to do a service, but not right away, that’s an option. If they don’t know right away what they want to do, things can be put off until any time in the future that works for them.

cremation services in Geddes, NY


Cremation allows families the freedom to do what they want, when they want. They can have services at any time, but they also have a larger amount of freedom with the final resting place. Burial in a cemetery is still an option, but so is having an urn in the house, holding the remains. Cremated remains can be scattered as well and there are a lot of other unique things that families can do with them.

If you know that you want cremation services in Geddes, NY for yourself, or for a loved one who just passed away, it’s good to think

about the other options around that service, as they are plentiful. The professionals at Bagozzi Twins Funeral Home, Inc. work with cremations all the time and are here to help you figure out what direction you want to take to honor your loved one or set up your own final service plans in advance.