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cremation services in Camillus, NY

When performing cremation services in Camillus, NY, the funeral home takes many steps to perform the process of cremating a body. These are all designed to, first, maintain the dignity of the deceased, second, to ensure the integrity of the deceased’s identity throughout the process, and, third, to provide the deceased’s family with the confidence that their loved one is being treated with care and concern in every aspect of the cremation.

So, what are cremation containers? Cremation containers can be almost anything, as long as they meet one standard: they must be fully combustible. This means that they can’t have any materials in them that won’t be safely destroyed during the cremation process.

Metal is of particular concern in relationship to cremation chambers because they can cause a lot of damage to the chamber. Therefore, cremation containers can’t contain any metal like handles (such as can be found on traditional caskets), hinges, or screws and nails.

Cremation containers are used to house the body while it is being transported from the funeral home to the crematorium and it is used to store the body inside the cremation chamber. Cremation containers must be sturdy enough to safely transport the body and move it into the crematory.

Cremation containers can range from the simplicity as a strong cardboard box to the complexity of a variant of a funeral casket that doesn’t have any metal components.

So, how do you go about choosing a cremation container for your loved one’s cremation?

First, your loved one may have specified the type of cremation container they wanted used for their cremation. Many people who are choosing cremation are opting for simpler cremation containers, like sturdy cardboard boxes. However, some people choose to have a viewing and funeral before their cremation, so they opt for a casket that can be used for the cremation as their cremation container.

cremation services in Camillus, NYIt is important that whatever cremation container is chosen preserves the dignity of your loved one at all times, is strong enough to be safely carried in transport to the crematorium and in transfer of the body into the cremation chamber, and is 100% combustible.

If your loved one didn’t leave behind any specific instructions about what cremation container they wanted used for their cremation, your funeral director can help you with the choice that works best for the type of cremation services you are having for your loved one.

If no preference is given for a specific type of cremation container, the funeral home will use a very durable cardboard box for your loved one’s cremation container. However, they can give you other options, especially if you do plan to have a viewing for your loved one before they are cremation.

Many funeral homes have options to rent a funeral casket just for the purpose of holding a viewing for the deceased before cremation. Your loved one will be laid out in the casket for the viewing and then will be moved into a sturdy cardboard container after the viewing for transport to the crematory and for the cremation itself.

However, your funeral home also has a variety of cremation-friendly caskets that you can purchase to have your loved one laid out for their viewing in, transported afterward to the crematorium in, and cremated in. These caskets are made with high quality workmanship and those attending the viewing will not be able to distinguish them from wooden caskets that are used for underground burials.

If you’d like to know more about containers for cremation services in Camillus, NY, our compassionate and experienced team at Bagozzi Twins Funeral Home, Inc. is here to help.

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