Creating a Great Memorial Video Tribute

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After cremations that are part of the cremation services offered in Camillus, NY, you will probably have a memorial service at a later date. One of the things that you may want to include in the memorial service is a video tribute to your deceased loved one.

This tribute is something that you want to capture the essence and the spirit of who your loved one was and it is not something that you’ll want to hastily put together at the last minute after your loved one has died.

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Even if your loved one is healthy and well or is suffering from a terminal illness with months or, perhaps, a few years to live, now is the time to start thinking about the elements of the video tribute you want to make for them.

There are usually three elements to video tributes: pictures, words, and music.

Take a look now at all the family pictures that have your loved one in them. Ask other family members or friends if they have pictures with your loved one in them and if they’d be willing to send digital versions of the pictures to you. Social media can also be a great place to find great pictures of your loved one as well.

Once you’ve gathered all the pictures, go through them and pick out the ones you like best and would like to include in the video. How you arrange them, ultimately, in the video is up to you, but many people include the pictures in chronological order to tell the life story of their loved one.

Next, your loved one may have favorite quotes (their own or someone else’s), lines of poetry, phrases, or scriptures. These are perfect to include in a tribute video because they will either remind others of your loved one or they will reveal an aspect of who your loved one was.

Last, your loved one may have favorite songs that everyone knows about. Or they may have favorite songs no one knows about. Perhaps there are songs that capture their spirit or that you and your family associate with them because they remind you of them.

Choose three or four of these songs to include in the tribute video and list them in the order that they should play in the video.

Next, you’ll need to make the video.

There are very easy-to-use video creation apps available that let you integrate pictures, text, and music. If you decide to create the tribute video yourself, you can work with the video, adding, deleting, and moving things around until you get exactly what you want. This gives you complete control over the final version of the video that you will use.

If you are not comfortable scanning pictures in or using digital photos, downloading mp3 files, and trying to make the video yourself using software, then you can either enlist one of your technologically-savvy family members to create it or let your funeral home director know that you want a video tribute for your loved one. You can provide them with the photos, the songs, and the text that should be included, as well as share how you would like the final production to look and sound.

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