Compelling Reasons to Have a Memorial Service

Posted on January 25, 2021 by Bagozzi Twins Funeral Home under blog, cremations
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cremation services in Geddes, NY

One of the major components of cremation services in Geddes, NY is the memorial service. However, your loved one may have said that they didn’t want any kind of service after they died, and you want to abide by their wishes. But it doesn’t feel right and it doesn’t sit right with you and your family.

One of the reasons why not having a memorial service doesn’t feel right is because this service (like a funeral service before a burial) is for the living just as much, if not more, as for the dead. Skipping having a memorial is like leaving a door open to a house you’ve moved from that you are never able to go back and close and lock.

It’s a loose end. Our lives often have loose ends that we don’t have any control over or can’t do anything about. As loose ends accumulate, they affect us emotionally and mentally, and can often leave us with a hesitance to move forward or make changes, even though that’s, in reality, our only option other than standing still and staying stuck in time.

The loose end of a loved one’s death can be eliminated by having a memorial service for them, even if they said they didn’t want one. They aren’t going to know whether you did or didn’t, but you and your family will and that is what matters most.

One reason you should have a memorial service for your loved one is because it gives you and your family a chance to honor and remember the life they lived and the person they were. There is a natural need that we have to know that the life of our loved one mattered.

A memorial service gives you an opportunity to show why your loved one’s life mattered and what was so special about them. You can include stories and memories that you and others have about your loved one and the impact they made upon you.

You can have memorial tables with pictures and other items that show different facets of your loved one’s character, life experiences, and passions. You can have video tributes that feature songs your loved one cared about and that echo parts of their life that many other people may not know about.

cremation services in Geddes, NYAnother reason you should have a memorial service for your loved one is because it gives you a safe place to mourn the loss of your loved one. Those who gather with you and your family for the memorial service are there to offer you comfort and support as you begin the process the loss that your loved one’s death has created.

Having this safe haven in a memorial service helps you and your family know that you are loved and cared about in a time where you may feel alone because your loved one is no longer with you. It gives you hope that, although you’ll never forget your loved one and the pain of losing them is strong, you’ll be able to continue your life without them.

A final reason that you should have a memorial service for your loved one is closure. One of the hardest steps we face when a loved one dies is accepting that they are gone and we’re still here.

Closure is the step of accepting your loved one’s death and being able to face the future without them. While a memorial service doesn’t always over complete closure (that happens during the process of grieving), it takes a definitive step in that direction.

If you’d like to learn about cremation services in Geddes, NY, our compassionate and experienced team at Bagozzi Twins Funeral Home, Inc. is here to help.

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