Advantages of Burials

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When people plan funerals at funeral homes in Skaneateles, NY, about half of them choose burials as the final dispositions for their loved ones. Even though cremations account for almost half of all funerals, burials are still preferred by some people because of the advantages that burials offer.

One advantage of selecting burial for your loved one who has died is that burials have many traditions that surround them. These traditions are comfortable and comforting for your family and friends who are grieving the loss of someone they love.

Among the traditions that surround burials is the viewing, the visitation, the more formal funeral service, and the graveside service. At a time when you are trying to cope with the loss of your loved one, having these familiar elements of the funeral process can help cushion the blow of death.

Another advantage to having a burial for your loved one is that you have a permanent and easy place for you and other family members to go and spend time with them whenever you’d like to. With cremation, the options for using cremation remains are extensive, but if they are scattered, there is no final resting place, per se.

Even if cremation remains are kept in a urn at a family member’s home, it can be difficult to just go and spend time with your loved one when you want or need to. However, when your loved one is buried in a cemetery, you have a set place to go see them and you don’t have to make an appointment or worry about anyone else’s schedule.

Another advantage of burials is that everyone who participates in the funeral process knows exactly what to expect from each part of the process. You and they understand the rituals involved, and that can make it much easier to feel a stronger sense of closure and a great sense of support.

With cremations, some of the those rituals are missing or they may be so altered from traditional funeral rituals that you might feel like you don’t have the same sense of closure or the same level of comfort and support that you and your family need as you’re dealing with your grief.

It doesn’t mean that cremation services don’t provide those, but when you’re newly bereaved your world has been turned upside down. It is no longer familiar because your loved one has died.

The funeral rituals associated with burials are a reminder that some things never change, and they can help you and your family feel more grounded. Cremation services are often unfamiliar, so they may leave you and your family with a greater sense of being unsettled.

Burials also have the advantage of compression of time for the funeral process. While there is never a time when you won’t grieve the loss of your loved one, you will experience the grief differently as time passes after their death.

The intense emotional and mental pain of the early days of bereavement will, in time, give way to nostalgia, warm memories, and cherished moments (although you will always have random and short-lived episodes of intense grief).

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In other words, burials don’t delay the closure process like cremations can. With some cremations, services are not held until weeks, months, or years after the death of a loved one.

While the passing of time may make some family members less enthusiastic about doing anything to memorialize their loved one (especially if a significant amount of time passes), other family members may never be able to move successfully through the grieving process and may get stuck in complicated grief.

For more information about burials at funeral homes in Skaneateles, NY, our compassionate and experienced team at Bagozzi Twins Funeral Home, Inc. is here to help you.

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